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ā€‹For 10 years, I've poured my heart and soul into the sensual and beautiful art of  Japanese Rope Bondage. I can often be found in places like Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, Shanghai, and all points of the globe, teaching and performing--now, Iā€™m excited to share that personal experience and vision with you onlineThis content represents thousands of hours of tying, and the connections I've shared with rope partners, models, students, and teachers.

My patrons receive exclusive content, including:

  • shibari photoshoot sets with gorgeous models
  • video tutorials
  • cool shibari art merch
  • exclusive behind the scenes material

Rope, to me, is a never-ending journey of beauty, vulnerability, and connection. Connecting with you here online is an amazing way to share that.   Join me in this exploration of rope and the human form~


Media Featuresā€‹


Kinoko Hajime Official Homepage

Website of the amazing Tokyo-based rope artist Kinoko Hajime. Kinoko-sensei awarded Jonathan a teaching license in his style.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, my friends
atMocojutemake really great hand-spun jute bondage rope. Highly recommend!

The Twisted Monk
My friends at the Twisted Monk produce wonderful hemp bondage rope right here in Seattle. Good stuff!