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I teach small-group workshops nationally & internationally, with an emphasis on balancing technical skill with building skills for expressive personal communication within rope.

It has been my great pleasure to teach popular workshops across the globe,  including China, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Canada, and numerous cities in the USA. Past workshops have included:

  • Hojojutsu: Shibari's Warrior Roots
  • Shibari for Sex
  • Shibari for Lovers: Tying for Connection
  • Shibari 101: Fundamentals
  • Shibari 102: The 2-Rope Gote Shibari
  • Shibari 103: The 3-Rope Gote Shibari
  • Gote Shibari Variations in Kinbaku
  • Ippon Nawa: Single-Rope Play
  • Tengu & Teppo Shibari for Floorwork & Suspension
  • Shibari 103: Partial Suspension Shibari
  • Kinbaku 201: Floorwork Patterns
  • Shibari 201: Strappados & Armbinders for Suspension
  • ​Kinbaku 201: Suspension Fundamentals: Hikyaku & Agura Suspensions​
  • Kinbaku 201: Suspension Fundamentals: Yoko & Kaikyaku Suspensions​
  • Shibari 301: Torsions and Transitions
  • ​Hishi Nawa: Diamond Patterns in  Kinbaku
  • Connection & Flow with Rope

Interested in bringing me to your city for a workshop? Contact me to discuss!


I am conducting private instruction for pairs (two people) at my rope studio located in Seattle's Central District.  Contact me to book private instruction and discuss my COVID safety protocols.

Private Lessons

Starting the Journey

Shibari is a wonderfully sexy, connective form of sensual communication. I teach private lessons and small-group workshops in the Seattle area, and I'm happy to customize a lesson for you.Click to learn a bit about my approach to Shibari~

In an introductory lesson, we'll cover topics such as safety, communication and consent, basic knots used in bondage, basic limb ties and body harnesses, and bondage for decoration, sensual restraint vs. bondage for sex (they're not the same thing, often).

Already have prior rope bondage experience? I will customize the lesson to what you're specifically interested in learning, such as suspension bondage, decorative rope work, 'intense rope' and other topics.

My studio welcomes people of all genders, body types, and sexual orientations, and my goal is to create a low-key, relaxed, and enjoyable learning experience.


  • The rate for intensive private instruction is $170 for a two hour lesson--that fee pays for both you and your partner. Discounts are available for longer lessons. Contact me for details.

Ready to start? Contact me to schedule a lesson.

  2020 Group Workshops

  • 1/11 Shibari 101 (Portland) Sold Out
  • 1/11 Shibari 102 (Portland) Sold Out
  • 1/19 Shibari 101 (Seattle) Sold Out
  • 1/26 Shibari 102 (Seattle) Sold Out
  • 2/9 Shibari for Lovers  (Seattle) Sold Out
  • 3/15 Shibari: Floorwork & Flow (Seattle) Sold Out