Jonathan (Seattle Shibari)  is an international rope artist who performs onstage, ties for art collaborations, and teaches the art of Shibari/Kinbaku. He has performed and presented for audiences across the world, including Paris, Rome, London, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Athens, Tokyo, Barcelona, Bangkok, and Vancouver. He is known for a distinctive and constantly evolving blend of Western & Eastern aesthetics & perspectives in his interpretation of the art.

With an academic & personal background in Japanese history, culture, and language. Jonathan's love affair with rope began more than 30 years ago, when he was first initiated into the classical martial traditions of Japan, including the study of Hojojutsu (capturing and binding prisoners on the battlefield). Making numerous extended pilgrimages to Japan over the years, Jonathan immersed himself in language, culture, philosophy, and practice, and this sensibility continues to inform his approach to tying.

Jonathan has had the pleasure of learning from numerous wonderful people; for the past several years he has focused his studies in Tokyo, where he travels annually to study with his teachers. Jonathan hold a teaching license issued by Hajime Kinoko  of Tokyo, Japan, in his style of Kinbaku. Of course, his greatest teachers are always: the individuals who tie with him. Gratitude.

Identifying as a perpetual student of rope, he also seeks to learn through teaching; as an instructor/presenter, he blends his study and experience of both Western & Japanese pedagogy to his unique and entertaining presentation style. Staying busy tying for photoshoots  and other projects, teaching & performing across the globe, he loves the journey of rope. 


Model: Mitsu


Japanese-style Rope Bondage in the Pacific Northwest

Seattle Shibari is dedicated to bringing safe, sensual, and beautiful rope bondage to seekers of connection. I believe that there is something wonderfully evocative about rope and the human form, and my mission is to bring it out of the shadows and into its rightful place as a legitimate art form.

I offer instruction in Shibari, and am available for performance bookings and photoshoot rigging and consultation. Most importantly to me, I actively seek and welcome collaboration with other artists in different mediums to create unique and beautiful art.  

What People Are Saying:

"Just wanted to say thank you for a great class last week! I really enjoyed the evening, and felt like you provided a solid foundation for us to build on"

L, Seattle

"Great class! Well paced and lots of fun."

Mark, Seattle

"You are so very thorough and full of information...your lesson was spectacular!"

K, Seattle

"Wanted to take a moment to share with you both that we are so deeply moved by your performance together on Saturday night! Thank you for so courageously bringing forth such a potent offering! You were both so captivating to witness!"

C, Tacoma

"Last night was excellent! The technical and educational portion worked really well for me."

J, Seattle

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